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Computer Services

All three branches offer wireless internet access, as well as public access computers. Wireless internet is also available 24/7 outside of the library.

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Internet Usage & Policy Guidelines for Public Access (click to open)

Trent Hills Internet User Policy.pdf

  • A user may book a public access computer for half hour sessions at no charge. Reservations will be held for ten minutes after the scheduled time.
  • First time users must check in at the main circulation desk and complete a User Agreement Form. Each time you use a public access computer you must check in at the main circulation desk and have a computer signed out to you using your membership card, or you may be checked in as a “Guest” if you do not wish to obtain membership.
  • Users may remain on a computer for longer than 30 minutes providing that there is no other person requesting to use one.
  • Printing is available. The first two pages of black and white are free, additional copies are .20 each, colour copies are .50 each.
  • User supplied or downloaded software shall not be installed on the library’s computers.
  • Whenever time and knowledge permit, staff may assist users. Self-help links are available through the Ontario Library Service Home Page.


The Trent Hills Public Library Board offers free internet access to the public. The library’s internet access is intended primarily as an information resource which allows users to connect to electronic resources outside of the library.

However, because the internet is an unfiltered medium, it enables access to ideas, information and images beyond the confines of the library’s collection, selection criteria and collection polices. Therefore, the Library Board of Trent Hills and the staff of the Trent Hills Public Library do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, currency, content or appropriateness of any material on the internet.

It is not acceptable to interfere with or disrupt network or wireless users, services or equipment. Disruptions include but are not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer viruses, vandalizing the data of any other user and use the network to make unauthorized entry to any other.

The Trent Hills Library Board and Trent Hills Public Library staff are not responsible for infringement of copyright laws by internet users.

The Trent Hills Library Board and Trent Hills Public Library staff reserve the right to ask individuals to refrain from displaying disturbing information or images on the internet computers. They may also not be used for illegal or unethical purposes.

All users of electronic reference sources such as the internet are expected to use them in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided, and to follow the rules and regulations of the library in which these services are provided.

Responsible, ethical use of the internet includes:

  1. Using the internet for educational, informational and recreational purposes only, not for unauthorized illegal or unethical purposes.
  2. Not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others; not seeking unauthorized access to any computer system or damaging or altering software components of any network database.
  3. Not sending, receiving, or displaying text/graphics which are illegal or may reasonably be constructed as obscene or offensive to others.
  4. Signing a user agreement before using public access computers for the first time please note: A PARENT MUST ACCOMPANY CHILDREN GRADE 8 AND UNDER. ALSO A PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST SIGN FOR CHILDREN UP TO AND INCLUDING THE AGE OF 15.

Trent Hills Library Board Passed: June 10, 2009

Help from an IT Specialist (click to open)

For anyone requiring assistance with downloading ebooks, or other computer needs, we do offer technology sessions with our IT specialist, and this can be arranged at any branch, please call your library to set up a session.

Printing, photocopying, scan, and fax services are available

Printing & Photocopy Services

  • B&W pages are 20 cents per single-sided page
  • B&W pages are 40 cents per double-sided page
  • Colour pages are 50 cents per single-sided page
  • Colour pages are $1.00 per duoble-sided page

Fax Service

  • Local - $1.00 per page
  • Long distance - $2.00 for the first page
  • $1.00 each for additional pages