There have been many changes in public libraries over the past twenty years but providing information services to patrons is still a prime goal. An important component of this public service is Readers’ Advisory. “Quite simply, it is the act of putting people together with the books they love”  (or need) — from Genreflecting. Or, in other words, suggesting the right work for the right person at the right time. Although it usually refers to works of fiction and leisure reading, Readers’ Advisory covers both fiction and non-fiction, and also different formats - print, electronic, audiobook and video.

Using their knowledge and experience, the librarians at the Trent Hills libraries are ready to assist patrons in finding materials to entertain, amuse, inform, challenge and inspire.

In upcoming months, I will be talking more about different genres and authors, as well as possible “read-a-likes”. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian at your branch for help in finding the perfect book for you.